Easy Waffle Iron Hash Browns

Hash browns are generally not the most healthy breakfast item. They are either pan fried or deep fried in a generous amount of oil. This creative version utilizes your waffle iron in order to reduce the amount of oil, as well as making hash browns quick and easy!

Waffle Iron Hash Browns

For crispier potatoes, be sure to wring out as much water as possible after letting them soak. I neglected to do this on one of my batches and the hash browns turned out a bit mushy and fell apart. This is how you learn though.

In my recipe, I used shredded Russet potatoes with the skin on. However, for even easier waffle iron hash browns, you can pick up a bag of hash browns in the freezer section of your grocery store. I have even seen people place tater tots in the waffle iron for an easy alternative.

In my opinion, shredding a few potatoes is quick enough for me. Plus, my freezer is jam-packed full of leftovers from That Oven Feelin’, so space is at a premium.

Waffle Iron Hash Browns

For easy removal from the waffle iron, I just spray the iron with a bit of cooking spray. This ensures that the waffle iron hash browns are removed in one piece. Season the potatoes with salt and pepper to taste.

Waffle Iron Hash Browns

I think using a waffle iron is a great trick to make a quick and easy potato breakfast. Be sure to check out my other kitchen tip for shredding chicken easily!

Waffle Iron Hash Browns
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2 hash browns
  • 2 medium Russet or Yukon potatoes, grated
  • cooking spray
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  1. Soak the grated potatoes in cold water for at least 10 minutes, or until ready for use.
  2. Preheat the waffle iron, if needed.
  3. Using a clean kitchen towel, wring out the water from the potatoes. Then, use a paper towel to pat them dry. It is important that the potatoes are dry so they will become crispy. Season them with salt and pepper, to taste.
  4. Spray the waffle iron with a little cooking spray to keep the hash browns from sticking. Add an even layer of hash browns to the iron and cook until golden brown. Due to the differences in waffle machines, keep an eye on the first batch to determine the correct amount of cooking time.
  5. Enjoy while warm!
Serving size and yield vary depending on size of potatoes

Source: Aunt B of course!
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 potato/hash brown


I've tried this recipe, the trick is to cut the potatoes thinly so they hold together!


Thanks for the wonderful tip Ashley!

Michelle/Mickle in NZ
Michelle/Mickle in NZ

Looks just wonderful! I strongly recommend squeasing out the excess moisture in shredded potatoes by squishing it well in a potato ricer!! I confess that my potato ricer is now seldom used to "rice" cooked potato. Instead it serves me well as a "gubbins" to remove excess water/wetness from shredded/grated raw potato, zucchini, oher summer squash, cucumber for tzatziki, and even grated fresh apple to add to minced/ground pork. Wising you happy cooking and eating, and sending care and all the Season's Happiness, Michelle, Downunder in New Zealand (!)


What a great tip Michelle! Squeezing the water out of potatoes in a towel can get a bit messy too. I'll have to look into investing in a potato ricer!