That Oven Feelin’s New Partnership with ZipList

That Oven Feelin’ is excited to announce its new partnership with ZipList! It’s a great way to save recipes, organize shopping lists, and discover grocery savings.

My favorite feature is the Shopping List. ZipList makes grocery shopping much more efficient by organizing your list by department. With just one touch on your phone, you can cross the items off your list. You can even add your favorite local stores and sort the lists by aisle order. The days of paper lists and frantically running around a grocery store are gone!

ZipList Recipe Box

You may have noticed a new addition to the navigation bar above. If you haven’t joined the ZipList community, you can click on the Recipe Box button to create an account. Once you have joined ZipList, you can easily save any of my recipes and countless others online. Since ZipList has been fully integrated into this site, just click on the Home button to return my recipes.

Save Recipe ZipList

To save a recipe, click on the Save Recipe button in the upper right hand corner of the recipe. Here, you will also find the Print button. This is an easy way to make the recipe printer-friendly.


After saving the recipe, you can add the ingredients to a shopping list or meal plan. Since ZipList has both Android and iPhone apps, you don’t have to worry about forgetting an ingredient while at the grocery store. As you pick up the items, just press the checkboxes on your phone and ZipList will automatically remove them from the list. These lists can easily be shared with family and friends as well!

The meal planner allows you to organize recipes in the order that you want to make them or you can even assign them to a specific day. This is a great way to avoid saying, “I don’t know what to make for dinner so let’s just go out.” This way, you will always have healthy recipes on hand. The meal plan can be exported to Google, iCal, or Outlook for easy access.

ZipList Mobile App
Image: Courtesy of ZipList

The ZipList app also features a barcode scanner, so you can add items directly from your pantry to your shopping list. They have truly taken the chore out of grocery shopping!

Hopefully you all will find these newly integrated tools as useful as I do! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.