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Potato Noodle Hash Browns

Potato Noodle Hash Browns

These potato noodles are fried on a panini press or waffle iron until deliciously crispy and golden brown. Top them with with a sunny side up egg and you’ve got a complete breakfast.

I wasn’t kidding when I said earlier this week that I was spiralizing anything I could get my hands on. After making my Cinnamon Sugar Apple Chips (YUM!), I ran out to the store and bought a basket full of vegetables.

Some vegetables definitely work better than others.

Even though the spiralizer is easy to clean, I usually spiralize a few days worth of vegetables at a time and store them in ziplock bags. It ensures that I’ll have a fresh vegetable side dish for every meal.

My refrigerator is absolutely filled with different colored noodles right now.

It makes me happy.

I really love how the potato noodles create these adorable little nests. By using a panini press or waffle iron, these hash browns are almost completely hands-off. Since the hash browns receive heat from both sides simultaneously, they become crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside.

Since some waffle irons or panini presses are hotter than others, keep a close eye on the hash browns the first time you make them. I usually start checking for doneness after about 5 minutes, but other waffle irons may take longer. Just remove the hash browns when both sides are perfectly golden brown!


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