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Spicy Indian Chicken Curry

Spicy Indian Chicken Curry

This spicy Indian chicken curry is pretty incredible. The chicken is stewed in a onion-tomato sauce and flavored with a variety of spices. As an added bonus, the aromatics in this dish make the whole house smell phenomenal. I was even laying in bed last night salivating.

This is also one of those dishes that gets better with time. The spices mellow and meld together, making the leftovers even better.

The first step in preparing this chicken curry is to make a curry paste. This paste is made by puréeing onions, tomatoes, and green chilis with aromatic spices (the stuff that makes the house smell so good!). Then, the chicken is simmered in the purée and a little yogurt or heavy cream is added for that extra-goodness.

I may or may not have eaten spoonfuls of the sauce straight out of the pan.

If you can’t find fresh green chilis, serrano peppers will work just fine. For a milder curry, you can use jalapeños with their seeds and veins removed.

I served this Indian chicken curry with a simple side of basmati rice. Then, you can slather on extra curry sauce and mix it all together so every bite is packed with flavor. You can also serve it with my stovetop naan, which is simple to make.

There’s not much that’s better than homemade bread. YUM.

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