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Chilean Sea Bass in a Bag (En Papillote)

This Chilean Sea Bass is gently steamed in its own juices with white wine and aromatics. This is a wonderful recipe to serve for guests since everyone can get their own little parchment packet. Cutting the bags open tableside makes for an impressive presentation, filling the room with steam and aromatics. In these packets, I’ve added […]

Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree Pancakes

These Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree Pancakes are perfect for a kid-friendly breakfast on Christmas morning. Kids can even decorate their own pancakes with icing, chocolate syrup, or chocolate chips. Drizzled with a cream cheese icing, this festive breakfast is the perfect marriage between pancakes and cinnamon rolls. Aren’t these pancakes just adorable? I used a Christmas tree cookie […]

Olive Tapenade

It’s been a bit of a crazy holiday season in my house, so I apologize for the lack of new recipes. At the end of December, I came down with a horrible cold. Usually a cold doesn’t slow me down much, but this one completely knocked me out. This night owl was sound asleep by […]

Lemon Pound Cake with a Tangy Lemon Icing

This Lemon Pound Cake is deliciously moist and bursting with a fresh citrus flavor. A slice of pound cake is the perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of coffee or tea. It’s a great recipe to start off the new year after all of those comforting fall dishes. I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking […]

Diver Scallop And Shrimp Puttanesca with Butternut Squash Noodles

I’ve made this Diver Scallop and Shrimp Puttanesca twice in the past week. It’s a little salty, a bit spicy, and super-savory. Made with simple and fresh ingredients, it’s a great weeknight meal. Even though this dish takes a little longer than 30 minutes to prepare (breaking my rule of calling it a weeknight meal), a […]

Macadamia Nut English Toffee

During our honeymoon, we stopped at a little boutique chocolate factory in the Marlborough region of New Zealand. They offered free tastings, so we tried a variety of confections. However, our favorite was the Macadamia Toffee. As if one side wasn’t enough, they coated both sides of toffee with milk chocolate and finely chopped macadamia […]

Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

After a weekend spent in a 30-something degree garage building a new kitchen island, Elliott and I needed something to warm us up. I dug around the kitchen and as soon as I saw the cream of chicken soup and salsa, I knew what I wanted to make. Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup. By using […]

Pistachio English Toffee

A week or two ago, I posted the recipe for Macadamia Nut English Toffee. It was the first toffee recipe that I’ve posted on That Oven Feelin’, but I knew right away that it wasn’t going to be the last. Even though I don’t eat many sweets, I really liked having a little toffee in the […]

Slow Cooker Carnitas

When looking for inspiration at the grocery store, there is always one section that I tend to skip over. I closely scan the beef, seafood, and chicken counters, but have never really stopped to look at pork. This past week, the butcher was organizing large pork butts (shoulder) and I thought, why not? An 8 pound […]

Blood Orange Pound Cake with An Orange Zest Icing

This blood orange pound cake is incredible. I don’t use that word often, but I really do think this pound cake deserve the praise. I’ll even say it again: incredible. The pound cake is deliciously dense and moist, without being heavy. The oranges add a bright, citrus flavor that’s perfect for the spring. Of course, we still […]